Administrative Policies

Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy

We have adopted the Softball BC Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy as our own. Please click on the link for the full details: SBBC Code of Conduct & Social Media Policy

Finances, Budgets & More

Please see the attached document for Budget guidelines: LRF Budget Policy

All teams are to provide a budget before their first gym practice in the Fall, that includes an acknowledgement from parents that they have seen it. 

Team Bank Accounts

Each team should have a dedicated bank account. All team bank accounts must be dual signer accounts. Coaches cannot be signator. Bank accounts must be brought to a balance of under $100 by July 31st unless you are attending Nationals or Westerns then it will be August 31st. Bank statements for July 31st or August 31st are to be provided to the rep committee with your year- end budget. We do understand that the 2020 season has presented us with exceptional circumstances and so we have waived the $100 cap on Year-End bank statements. Please use the chart below to determine your Year-End bank balance.

End of year refunds to parents

You cannot return fundraised money to a parent. Any contributed monies from parents is all that can be refunded to parents. For example, you collect $200 cheques from a parent for October, November and December the total you are allowed to give back to a parent is $200 x 3 months. Fundraised monies should be spent first or used to purchase team equipment at end of year.

Please use the following chart to help you finalize your Year-End Banking

LRF End-Of-Year Finances Flow Chart

Grievances and Conflict Resolution

Please follow the 24 hour rule – a situation or incident that occurs during the game and or practice that has provoked an adverse emotional response or a hostile situation the parent should wait at least 24 hours after the fact before addressing it. Please contact the head coach at that time.

If you feel there is no resolution please send an email in confidence, to [email protected] to start the communication on this matter that needs to be addressed.

**Please note: if a conflict pertains to a team in which one of our committee members also belongs, they will recuse themselves from any discussions. The conflict will be managed by the rest of the committee.

Volunteer Commitment

Each family is committed to volunteering 4 hours throughout the year (September to August) otherwise the volunteer commitment cheque of $150 which was written in the off season with a post-dated date of June 30th, 2020 will be cashed in July. There are many opportunities to volunteer in these great organizations. One way is for your athlete to give back in Mentorship as an option. If you have any questions on volunteering please reach out to your respective volunteer coordinator:

NL – Erin Heutink – [email protected]

LFA – Sabrina Clegg at [email protected]

For more information please visit our Volunteer Page


Uniforms are not supplied by the association, must be purchased by the team or individual players. If it’s a team purchase, please make sure this is part of your budget.

MVP Athletics is the official supplier for Fusion and Xtreme.

Please see below for the approved uniforms for both Fusion and Xtreme.

A Fusion uniform consists of:

  • Navy or white pants. (no piping)
  • Striped socks ordered through MVP. (Solid socks are only to be worn to practice.)
  • White or navy belt.
  • White or blue Dryfit.
  • Navy, white, or black cleats.
  • Along with the approved jerseys and helmet from MVP.
  • Teams may switch to the Navy helmet but must do so as a whole team. 
  • All players must match on the field of play.

An Xtreme uniform consists of:

  • Black pants with neon green piping or white pants.
  • Striped socks ordered through MVP. (Solid socks are only to be worn to practice.)
  • Green, white, or black belt.
  • White or black Dryfit.
  • Black cleats.
  • Along with the approved jerseys and helmet from MVP.
  • All players must match on the field of play.

Any variation of this uniform needs to be approved by the rep committee before October 31st. There is no grandfathering.

Clothing and promotional items with our logos are available at the online store at various times throughout the year. Ordering items outside of this, without prior approval from the rep committee is not allowed. If there are any items you wish to add, or any feedback, contact the rep committee. Socks will be in stock in-store this season and MVP has assured us that pants will be available 24-48 hours after you order if they are not in stock.

Corporate Sponsorship

We would encourage Corporate Sponsorship whenever possible as it can be very lucrative to the team as well as shows a level of community spirit. That being said we do have to keep in mind that we are representing a brand with Fusion and Xtreme and we should refrain from any sponsorship that would show these brands in a negative light. If you are unsure of a sponsor’s suitability please feel free to reach out and we can help you make that decision.

**We request all teams include their 2020 sponsors on their banners for the 2021 year. 

Gaming Licences for Fundraising

Teams need to make sure they have the proper Gaming licence for any fundraising efforts that are undertaken. Teams can apply for licences for 50/50, raffles, squares boards as long as the prize is worth $500 or less. 
If you are hosting a Poker Night or Bingo night, you will need to get the Association to apply for you. 
Please use this link for more information: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/sports-culture/gambling-fundraising/gambling-licence-fundraising/class-d?keyword=class&keyword=d

Criminal Record Checks

All coaches, managers, and treasurers are required to complete a Criminal Record Check before the first gym practice for the team in the Fall. 
Here is the link:  https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/  . Please use LFA access code: W7NK7CAUF4 or NL access code:  3PCX38ZK4G

Lower Mainland Softball Committee – Performance Bond

The Association puts down a performance bond deposit for all teams to participate in the Lower Mainland Softball Committee League. This is to make sure that all teams are abiding by the LMSC policies. Failure to follow the LMSC policies will result in the bond deposit cheque being cashed and teams being required to pay back the amount. 

Districts, Provincials, and Lower Mainland Cup

All Fusion teams are to attend Provincials. All Xtreme teams are to attend Districts, if required, then Provincials if they qualify. Provincial and District entry fees are paid or will be reimbursed, to the team, by the applicable association. This also applies to the Lower Mainland Cup.

Pick-ups for tournaments

Before going outside of our program to pick up any players for tournaments or league games you should be inquiring within our program first for available players. Fusion should reach out to our Xtreme teams and our Xtreme teams should reach out to our House/Rec teams first.

U12 – Birth Year Policy

All U12A & B players are required to try-out for the team of their birth year.  

No under-age players will be considered for a team and they will not be allowed to attend try-outs.

Exception : If no team exists for their birth year or if there is insufficient players within their birth year to build a full team, then the player will be allowed to try-out for a team outside of their birth year.

Operational Policies

Field cancellation – Game day

If you are going to cancel a league game due to weather please as a general guideline notify the other coach within 3 hours of start time.

Then text Paul (UIC) to cancel the umpires at 778-384-6081. If umpires show up because you didn’t cancel in time, your team will be billed for this game.

Once the game and umpires have been canceled please email our Field Coordinators

NL – Rachel at [email protected]

LFA – Erika and Erin at [email protected]

Field maintenance

We rely on teams to rake and set up prior then rake and clean up after each league game. Coaches will be provided with Sea-can key, if you have games scheduled at Yorkson. The  Sea-can will be stocked with lime, bases, string, hammers and golf cart with a drag mat.

If, at anytime, you find that something is broken, not there or running low to please email out Field Equipment Coordinators.

NL – Ryan Stene at [email protected].

LFA – Ryan & Mike at [email protected]

Practice Fields

Practice fields are assigned to teams by request and availability. Please email the corresponding field coordinators:

NL – Rachel at [email protected]

LFA – Erika and Erin at [email protected]

The field allocations are shared so there is usually something available, but please give as much lead time as possible when requesting practice fields.

Batting Cages

Times for NL registering teams will be assigned to you once you request times with Daniel at [email protected]. Please remember that sunflower seeds are not allowed. And again, if something needs tending to or it got broken please let Daniel know.

Times for LFA registering teams will be assigned to you once you request times with our LFA Cage Coordinator, Erin, at [email protected]. Codes will be handed out by them, once approved. To see available times please check out the LFA Cage Calendar

Please be respectful of other team’s times by not showing up too early and being disruptive. Please show the same curtesy to the team after you and leave on time. 

Team Equipment

Any equipment purchased from team funds is to remain as part of the team assets after every season.

When a team ages out or collapses all equipment is to be returned to the association to be re-purposed.

Practice Facility Bookings – Gyms

Off-season gym times are booked in advance and assigned to teams by seniority, and requests.

Off season gym times run from the week after Thanksgiving until Spring Break – usually with December off.

Elementary school gyms are primarily offered to younger groups and cost is covered 100% by the association.

Middle school gyms are available but along with, TWU, and the Fieldhouse at LEC come with an additional cost that is the responsibility of the team.

Please note, that gym times are available during the season as well, this cost is 100% team borne. Contact Sherri at [email protected]

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