Field cancellation – Game day

If you are going to cancel a league game due to weather please as a general guideline notify the other coach within 3 hours of start time.

Then text Paul (UIC) to cancel the umpires at 778-384-6081. If umpires show up as you didn’t cancel, your team will be billed for this game.

Once the game and umpire has been canceled please email our Field Coordinators

NL –

LFA – Erika at

Field maintenance

We rely on teams to rake and set up prior then rake and clean up after each league game. Coaches will be provided with Sea-can key, if you have games scheduled at Yorkson. The  Sea-can will be stocked with lime, bases, string, hammers and golf cart with a drag mat.

If, at anytime, you find that something is broken, not there or running low to please email out Field Equipment Coordinators.

NL – Ryan Stene at

LFA – please email

Practice Fields

Practice fields are assigned to teams by request and availability. Please email the corresponding field coordinators:

NL – Rachel at

LFA – Erika at

The field allocations are shared so there is usually something available, but please give as much lead time as possible when requesting practice fields.

Batting cages

Times for NL registering teams will be assigned to you once you request times with Daniel at Please remember that sunflower seeds are not allowed. And again, if something needs tending to or it got broken please let Daniel know.

Times for LFA registering teams will be assigned to you once you request times with LFA cage at Codes will be handed out by them if approved. LFA Cage Calendar

Please be respectful of other team’s times by not starting to show up too early and coming into the cages as well as when your time is over please be respectful of the next team coming in after you.

Team equipment

Any equipment purchased from team funds remain as part of the team assets. When a team ages out or collapses all equipment is to be returned to the association to be re-purposed.

Practice facility bookings – Gyms

Off-season gym times are booked in advance and assigned to teams by seniority, and requests.

Off season gym times run from the week after Thanksgiving until Spring Break – usually with December off.

Elementary school gyms are primarily offered to younger groups and cost is covered 100% by the association.

Middle school gyms are available but along with, TWU, and the Fieldhouse at LEC come with an additional cost that is the responsibility of the team.

Please note, that gym times are available during the season as well, this cost is 100% team borne. Contact Brenda at